Interaction between biofilm formation, surface material and cleanability considering different materials used in pig facilities—An overview

  • Date de publication : 2021-05-22


Nakanishi, E.Y.; Palacios, J.H.; Godbout, S.; Fournel, S. Interaction between Biofilm Formation, Surface Material and Cleanability Considering Different Materials Used in Pig Facilities—An Overview. Sustainability 202113, 5836.

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Sometimes the contamination in pig facilities can persist even after the washing and disinfection procedure. Some factors could influence this persistence, such as bacteria type, biofilm formation, material type and washing parameters. Therefore, this review summarizes how the type of surface can influence bacteria colonization and how the washing procedure can impact sanitary aspects, considering the different materials used in pig facilities. Studies have shown that biofilm formation on the surface of different materials is a complex system influenced by environmental conditions and the characteristics of each material’s surface and group of bacteria. These parameters, along with the washing parameters, are the main factors having an impact on the removal or persistence of biofilm in pig facilities even after the cleaning and disinfection processes. Some options are available for proper removal of biofilms, such as chemical treatments (i.e., detergent application), the use of hot water (which is indicated for some materials) and a longer washing time.